Do Kittens Sleep a Lot? How Long Do Cats Sleep?

Why do cats sleep so long?

Do cats sleep a lot? And how long do cats sleep?

The answer to both questions is yes, kittens do sleep quite a bit, and adult cats as well. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be getting much sleep while they are around! Kittens and adult cats require between 12 and 16 hours of sleep each day, which seems like an awful lot compared to the typical 8-hour workday that most humans require to function properly.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much, Anyway?

Do cats sleep at night? My cat sleeps all day? Why do cats sleep on your head? Why do kittens sleep so much? When do cats wake up in the morning... Basically, why is everything about cat sleeping habits so darn strange?! Read on to discover a few of our favourite facts about these fascinating felines.

The average adult feline tends to sleep approximately 15 hours per day—and we're not talking about a light slumber here, either. Some particularly snoozy cats can spend 22 hours or more each day asleep! This may seem like an overkill amount of shut-eye for what is essentially an active predator, but there are some very good reasons why these kitties need as much rest as they get.

What Happens If I Wake My Cat Up From A Deep Sleep?

If you’re wondering what happens if you wake your cat up from a deep sleep, it depends on whether or not they want to be woken up. If your cat is in deep sleep, it means that he is getting rest and rejuvenation for his body and brain so waking him may be unsettling. Once cats start using their brains more—regulating their body temperature and heart rate, taking deeper breaths, moving their legs around—then you know they’re starting to wake up. At that point, try picking them up gently and putting them somewhere else or closing off an escape route if they’re trying to find a place to hide.

Can Older Cats Sleep As Much As Younger Ones?

If you’re an owner of an older cat, you know that older felines tend to sleep more than younger ones. This is completely normal, as older cats are especially prone to certain health issues and pain. If your senior cat isn’t sleeping much at night and during the day, they may be in pain; if so, it’s important to take them to your vet right away! However, there are many things you can do to help prevent pain in your senior kitty—and I discuss all of those here. They include: changing up their food, adjusting their litter box habits and adding new toys into their routine. There’s no need for your cat to spend any more time in discomfort than they have to!

Is There Anything I Can Do To Get My Cat To Siesta Less Often?

Some people think that cats are naturally inclined to sleep more than humans. But studies have found that cats only sleep more than humans because they're not as good at hiding their fatigue as we are. When humans get tired, we often try to look energetic by talking and making eye contact, but cats don't show any signs of being weary until it's too late. So you're probably wondering, Is there anything I can do to get my cat to siesta less often? The answer is yes! After an exhaustive review of feline physiology, animal behaviorists have determined that all you need is a laser pointer and some string cheese—and your kitty will be begging for his afternoon nap in no time.

Who Needs More ZZZs – Big or Small Kitties?

The truth is that how much sleep a cat needs really does depend on their size. Bigger cats sleep less than smaller ones, partly because of metabolism (they burn more calories and need less rest) and partly because they are so big. It takes more effort to run that size machine! If you have multiple cats in your household, be sure to measure them all with a tape measure before concluding which kitty snores most loudly at night. The largest feline in your home is likely getting fewer hours of shut-eye than his littler housemates – which would explain why he’s always so cranky in the morning.

The Effect of Light on Cat Behaviour

Like humans, cats need to sleep. And like humans, cats can get away with less sleep as they age. But contrary to popular belief, kittens don’t need 16-20 hours of shut-eye per day. In fact, they only require between 10 and 14 hours of sleep. This is partly because kittens have more active play periods than adult cats, and partly because kitten minds are developing and demanding stimulation at every turn. The best time for cat naps is when you’re sleeping—which means your furry friend sleeps more than you do!


Domestic cats are known for sleeping anywhere from 14 to 20 hours per day. However, kittens sleep even more: up to 24 hours a day in some cases. Their sleeping habits can be attributed to their playful and active nature: they sleep so much because they're always playing and exploring! You'll notice that as they get older and their energy levels start to slow down, they spend less time sleeping, typically seven or eight hours per day, which is still quite a lot compared to humans! The bottom line is that it's normal for your cat (and kitten) to sleep an awful lot of the time; it's not laziness on their part, but rather an indication of how hard they play all day long.

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