Cats vs. Dogs: 5 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Pets

We all know that cats and dogs are both lovable pets with tons of personality, but which one comes out on top when you look at the details?

While dogs may get all the glory, it’s time to give the spotlight to cats! Check out these 5 reasons why cats may make better pets than dogs.

1) Cats don't take up much space

If you live in a small apartment or house, cats are the perfect pet for you! They don't need a lot of space to run around and be happy, unlike dogs who need plenty of room to run and play. Cats are also much quieter than dogs, so you won't have to worry about your furry friend disturbing your neighbours.

2) Owning a cat is more affordable

When it comes to pets, some people prefer cats while others prefer dogs. For one, kittens require less work than puppies. Cats are also quieter and don't need to be taken for walks. Additionally, cats are perfectly content indoors so you don't have to worry about them getting enough exercise. And lastly, owning a cat is more affordable than owning a dog since they eat less and don't need as many supplies. In the end, cats make better pets because they're cheaper, easier to take care of, and quieter.

3) Cats are perfectly content indoors

Cats don’t bark, which means they won’t disturb your neighbours or keep you up at night. And since they don’t need to be taken for walks, they’re perfect for people who live in apartments or small spaces.

Kittens require less work than puppies. Kittens are independent and don’t need as much attention as puppies. They also use the litter box, so you won’t have to worry about potty training. Cats are quieter - unlike dogs, cats don't bark.

4) Cats are quieter

  • Cats are quieter than dogs, so they won't disturb your neighbours or ruin your chances of getting your security deposit back.
  • Cats don't take up much space, so they're perfect for small apartments or homes.
  • Cat dander is harmless to most people, so you don't have to worry about allergies.
  • Cats are independent, so they won't need as much attention as a dog.
  • Cats spend their days relaxing in the sun and playing with toys instead of barking at cars and chasing shadows around the house. Cats make better pets because they don't take up much space and require less maintenance than a dog!

5) Cats require less work than puppies

Puppies need to be taken on walks, they need to be trained, and they need a lot of attention. Cats, on the other hand, are content to lounge around the house and don't require nearly as much work. In fact, cats often take care of themselves - they're clean animals that don't need to be bathed, and they use a litter box instead of going to the bathroom outside. Plus, cats don't take up much space - they can live happily in small apartments or houses.


  • They're low maintenance. You don't have to walk them, they use a litter box, and they groom themselves.
  • They're independent. They don't need constant attention and can entertain themselves while you're busy.
  • They're quiet. You won't have to worry about them barking and disturbing the neighbours.
  • They're clean. They don't track mud and dirt into the house, and they don't shed as much as dogs do.
p.s. dont take this too seriously lol, I have owned a few dogs along with all the cats I have ever had and they are both adorable!!

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