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My name is Caroline and together with my husband Tony, we run Facebook pages Cute Cat Pics & Furball Kitty Pics. This is our blog in homage to these AMAZING animals!

Since being a young girl I have adored cats. I love all animals but cats are my favourite. My parents would often help cats that would wander into our garden. Some we recognised as neighbours cats and others we didn't so I guess they were either strays or word had spread! I don't know the particular attraction for our garden but nevertheless, there they were, there were lots of them, and we loved them all, so that is where I think my love comes from and where it all began.

I have owned many cats over the years and have adored each and everyone. They are all unique with so many wonderful personalities. I currently own just the one now, a Calico called Rosie, she is 13 years of age so starting to get on a bit, just like me I suppose lol! She reminds me so much of Missy Clearfoot. Having owned many Cats & Kittens over the years, I think I have a lot of experience but Im no where near a complete expert; still learning, every day & all of the time, lol.

I live in the North East of England near Newcastle Upon Tyne & support, along with my husband, Newcastle United FC. In my spare time, if I ever get any lol, I enjoy walking, reading & I love art, painting & colouring in, it helps me relax. I returned to the subject during lockdowns at the start of Covid, it relaxes me so much; also I like maintaining my blog, my Facebook pages & writing about Cats, it all helps me to remain sane in this mad world of ours! lol.

p.s. Some wonder about the name Miss Clearfoot especially on my Social Media Accounts. Its quite simple: this was the name of the very first cat that I ever owned. She has long since departed of course but I remember and miss her still to this day!

Love & blessings to you all! 🧢🐱🐈🐈‍⬛❤️

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Tony, Caroline x


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