Do cats see in colour or are they just able to see in black and white?

Cats perceive in black & white, but they have the ability to see in colour, if they so desire!

Many people used to believe cats only saw in black and white, and they definitely act as if they do (like colour-blind humans). However, the architecture of their eyes reveals that they can perceive all three colours, albeit poorly. "Behavioural investigations have failed to demonstrate trichromatic vision in cats," says Professor Ron Ofri, co-author of "Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology."

Several studies, however, show that cats have the physical foundation for trichromatic vision. To put it another way, people have the capacity for such vision but do not exercise it. It's like having a 4X4 automobile but never using the four-wheel drive and only using 2x4."

They have the capability, but they refuse to use it! Another enigmatic facet of existence in the world of cats!

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