5 Ways to keep your Cat cool during Summer

Cats are generally independent pets, but they do require assistance from time to time.

They enjoy lazing in the sun, just like their large cat predecessors, whether it's in the garden or just beneath a sunny window. You may have noticed, however, that they need a break after a while and seek shade or cooler surfaces, such as your kitchen tiles. These soothing, cooler areas can be tougher to come by during heat waves or during the warmer months. Here's how to keep your cat cool no matter what the weather.

Keeping hydrated

Hydration is essential on hot days. Despite this, cats don't drink nearly as much as we might expect and instead acquire most of their water from their meals. However, because dehydration makes cats more susceptible to urinary tract infections, it's still crucial to keep their water consumption up.

Cats are famously fussy when it comes to drinking water. Keep plenty of fresh water on hand for your cat, since cats may refuse to drink water that has been left out overnight or that is too close to their meal. During hotter days, stick to wet food rather than dry kibble, as this will supply your cat with additional water without them having to drink it.

Similarly, our feline friends are known for their inquisitiveness, and they are frequently drawn to running water from taps or hoses. A steady stream also keeps the water flowing, which helps it stay cool and fresh for longer. You may encourage your cat to drink more by providing a drinking fountain with filtered water that they can drink. Stainless-steel feeding products are also more hygienic and less likely to irritate your cat's skin than plastic.

Cats living outside

If you have an outdoor cat who enjoys nothing more than playing and hunting in the garden, make sure to provide them with a consistent source of shade on hot days. Whether it's behind a table, a tree, or a garden umbrella, we cats need to get out of the sun now and then to avoid overheating.

It's also a good idea to keep their water bowl or drinking fountain in the shade whenever feasible, such as by putting it away from a sunny window. Drop a few ice cubes into their water the next time you pour yourself a cold drink to help it stay cooler for longer.

When the weather warms up, you'll probably be out in the sun as well, so make sure your cat hasn't ventured inside any sheds, greenhouses, or cars before closing the doors. On a hot day, spending a long period in these unventilated spaces is quite risky for your cat and could result in heatstroke.

Indoor felines

If you have an indoor cat, though, keeping them cool is equally crucial. If you can't open a window (for example, if you live in a high-rise apartment), use air conditioning or a fan for the majority of the day.

Grooming is also important for keeping cats cool, especially long-haired breeds, cats with small muzzles like Persians and Himalayans, and older or overweight cats, who are all more susceptible to overheating. Fur that is matted traps more heat, so groom and cut your cat's fur as needed.

Long-haired cats should be groomed every day, while short-haired species can be treated once a week, according to the RSPCA, therefore it's worth investing in a grooming set intended for varied shedding needs. You can simply snip the fur around the tummy to assist keep their core temperature down when trimming.

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Icy delights

Finally, making 'cat pops' out of your cat's favourite creamy treats is a fun way to keep them happy in hot weather. Why not give them their own ice lolly while you chill off? This is not only refreshing on a hot day, but it also extends the life of their fresh, perishable delicacies. While we may embrace warmer days with open arms, our four-legged friends may find them overwhelming. So, whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, a long-haired or short-haired type, keeping them safe and healthy in inclement weather is critical.

Proper hydration, shade, and airflow are just a few methods to keep your feline companion cool. You and your cat can stay cool and content during the oncoming heatwave this spring by remembering a few basic safety tips and useful items.

Warm evenings

When the night time temperature rises, your cat's bed or normal sleeping area may become too hot for them (particularly igloo-shaped beds or ones made of thick, fluffy material). Wrapping an ice pack or frozen water bottle in a towel and placing it on their bed can help them stay cold overnight without having to change their sleeping arrangements. Moving their bed to a tiled surface or elevating it above carpeted flooring will also help them keep cool.

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