Can you teach an indoor cat to go outdoors?

Do you wish to take your cat outside for the very first time? Here's how to get a house cat used to going outside:

The answer is yes, assuming you mean that the cat is capable of going outside as well as inside.

To ease the transition, spend some time in the garden with your cat to get him acclimated to it. Sit outdoors and enjoy some cat snacks while he goes about his business. Let him take his time and build up his confidence by doing this on a regular basis. If there are a large number of neighbourhood cats invading their space, some cats may be reluctant to go outside at all.

Using a microchip-operated cat flap is the best way to keep other cats out of your home. Cats may need to be taught how to utilise a cat flap by their owners. Before installing the cat flap, you may practise by luring him through the door with cat goodies. You should never, ever push him through the flap; else, he'll never go through it again. Sticky tape may be used to keep the flap open once it has been inserted, although you may need to switch the tape from one side to the other.

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