7 Reasons why Cats and Humans are a Perfect match

Why do we humans love cats so much? Check out these seven incredible reasons...

When it comes to human-animal relationship, why are cats the most popular kind of animal? Have you ever stopped to consider why humans are so enamoured with the feline species? What is it about petting our cat that makes us feel good? The bond between humans and their feline friends may be more than simply an emotional one. YES, that is true. There's scientific evidence for this, too.

1. They communicate with you.

The meow of a cat is more than simply a show of affection. It's a method for your cat to communicate with you; telling you about their day, asking you what's for dinner, and requesting a snuggle time. Cats exclusively meow at people; this is their way of communicating with you. In addition to helping you connect with your cat, this 'cat language' means that you always have a pawsome pal to talk to.

2. They're also vacuum cleaners.

For this reason, cats' tendency to clean themselves is a desirable one. Cats are adept at self-cleaning because of their design. Cats who are in good health and content with their lives spend up to 50% of their waking hours grooming, which results in a spotless feline.

3. They've been cooled down.

On a typical day for a cat, they spend between 18 and 20 hours sleeping. Cats, as a rule, are pretty laid-back pets. In essence, they're the ideal Netflix buddy, ready to cuddle up next to you all day as you binge-watch your favourite programme.

4. Stroking them is a pleasurable experience.

Snuggling up with your cat and rubbing their soft hair will help you relax and unwind after a hard day of work or school. How? Scientists believe there are three factors at play here. You're engaging with an animal in a nice way. Your hand massages kitty's fur in a rhythmic motion that is both soothing and calming. Lastly, you're giving this activity some of your attention. Focus on regions behind their ears and eyes, as well as the area surrounding their cheeks and chin, while petting your cat as a thank you.

5. They aid in the secretion of the hormone of love.

Researchers have shown that humans' "love hormone" is released when they pet a cat. This neurochemical is oxytocin, a hormone that is produced when individuals are in a romantic relationship. In addition, oxytocin has been shown to enhance your emotional awareness. In this way, you may better connect with others and lessen your own tension. A cat's purrs are the best medicine.

6. For physical and mental well-being, they're an excellent choice

According to research, your cat might save someone's life. Literally.

In addition to helping our bodies recover, spending time with cats lowers our blood pressure, improves our mood, and releases the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, all of which contribute to a healthier immune system. Many academics believe that cats are unappreciated heroes when it comes to promoting human health and well-being.

Cats are magical, right?

7. For the simple reason that they care about us.

Cats really care about humans, despite their often casual demeanour. There are only a variety of ways to express it.

The fact that cats can feel love and affection doesn't mean they can express it in the same manner that people can. Like dogs, they don't show affection by wagging their tails, licking their owners, or leaping up on them. As a substitute, cats snuggle, lick, and purr their way into the hearts of individuals they care about. This is another confirmation of your cat's amazingness, as if you needed more reason to love him/her. We're going to snuggle our cat now, and you should too! 😽

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