How to Tell if Your Cat Thinks You’re Their Mom or Their Kitten.

Cat behavior can be quite intriguing and sometimes confusing.
In this short article, we dive into the fascinating signs that reveal whether your furry friend considers you their parent or their sibling. Let’s explore the adorable behaviors that show how your cat truly perceives you. 

Signs Your Cat Thinks You’re Their Mom

1. Making Biscuits on You

When your cat kneads you with their paws, also known as “making biscuits,” it’s a strong indicator that they see you as their mom. This behavior harks back to their kittenhood when they kneaded their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. If your cat is doing this to you, it means they find the same comfort and security in your presence.

2. Following You Around for Treats

Does your cat follow you around, especially when they’re hungry? This is another sign that they see you as their mom. Just as kittens rely on their mothers for food, your cat knows that you’re the source of their meals and treats.

3. Responding to Their Name

If your cat comes running when you call their name, it’s a clear sign they associate you with safety and care, much like a kitten would with its mother. This responsiveness shows a deep bond and recognition of you as a caretaker.

4. Showing Their Butt Near Your Face

While it might seem odd, when your cat presents their rear to you, it’s a behavior linked to toilet training from their mother. It’s a peculiar but significant sign of trust and acknowledgment of you as their mom.

5. Grooming You

Cats groom their kittens to keep them clean and to bond. If your cat grooms you, it’s a sign they might see you as their kitten, showing they care for you and want to keep you well-groomed.

6. Sleeping with You

When your cat snuggles up to sleep with you, they’re not just seeking warmth. They might be trying to protect you from potential dangers, just as they would with their kittens.

7. Bringing You Toys

Cats often bring their kittens toys to teach them how to hunt. If your cat is gifting you their favorite toys, it’s a loving gesture indicating they want to teach and care for you as they would their young.

8. Playfully Attacking You

Playful bites and mock attacks are ways cats teach their kittens self-defense. If your cat engages in this behavior with you, it’s a sign they see you as their sibling or kitten, helping you learn important survival skills.

Understanding Your Cat’s Perception

According to cat behavior experts, cats generally behave towards humans as they do with other cats they are friendly with. Whether they see you as their mom or kitten, behaviors like rubbing against you, snuggling, or grooming indicate that you are a significant part of their social circle.


Recognizing these signs can deepen your understanding and strengthen the bond with your feline friend.

Whether your cat sees you as their mom or their kitten, these behaviors reveal a lot about your unique relationship. Embrace these moments and cherish the special connection you share with your cat.



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