5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Cat Hates Water (And What to Do About It)

There is one thing, however, that the vast majority of cats seem to uniformly despise, and that is water.

Cats have a reputation for being meticulous groomers and for generally keeping themselves clean. If you've ever attempted to give your feline companion a bath, you already know from personal experience how much they despise the experience. But why do cats have such a strong aversion to water? Let's take a more in-depth look at this peculiar behaviour, shall we?

There is a hypothesis that the aversion to water that cats have can be traced back to their ancestry. The wildcats that live in desert environments, such as the African wildcat, are the ancestors of domestic cats. In this hot and arid desert, water is a precious resource that needs to be preserved for as long as possible. Because becoming wet could put them in harm's way and make them more susceptible to being attacked by other animals, feral cats have evolved a natural aversion to getting wet as a result.

Another possible explanation for why cats despise water is that it interferes with their normal grooming routine. Grooming occupies a large percentage of a cat's waking hours, and this involves the animal using its tongue to lick and otherwise clean its coat. It is much more difficult for them to efficiently groom themselves when their fur is damp because it tangles and clumps together and becomes matted. This may cause the cat to experience discomfort and irritation, which may contribute to the cat's aversion to water.

It's also possible that cats don't like the feeling of water on their skin since it reminds them of being wet. Cats have extremely sensitive skin, thus the sensation of having water on their fur could be distressing to them. Some cats may also link the sound of flowing water with unpleasant events, such as being bathed or taken to the veterinarian. This may be especially true for older cats.

Even while it's very obvious that most cats despise getting their fur wet, it's vital to remember that not all cats have an aversion to water. Some felines enjoy this activity so much that they would even swim or play in the water if given the opportunity. However, these cats are an exception to the rule, as the majority of cats will do all in their power to stay dry at all costs.

To recap, there are a number of different reasons why cats despise water. Cats have a natural dislike to getting wet for a variety of reasons, including their ancestors having lived in desert environments and the disruption it causes to their grooming routines. It's vital to respect your cat's preferences and to avoid putting them in uncomfortable circumstances they don't want to be in, even though some cats may find it fun to splash around in water.

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