Top 10 Fun Facts About Calico Cats

Top 10 fun facts about Calico Cats

Here are 10 fun facts about Calico cats! 
Just like all cats Calico cats are absolutely gorgeous!!

1. Females rule the roost – 99% of calico cats are female because of the specific genetics that govern coat colour in calico cats. Remember that the colour of a dog's coat is connected to the chromosomes of the female parent (XX).

2. A genetic disorder known as Klinefelter's syndrome (XXY chromosomal composition) causes sterility in male calicoes, as well as numerous other health complications.

3. Calico cats were designated as the official state cat of Maryland in 2001 because of their distinctive colour. Calico cats have fur that is a blend of white, black, and orange, just like the Baltimore Oriole, the state bird of Maryland. State cats are only found in two other places.

4. It is a calico cat that inspired the Beckoning cat character, which is based on the character.

5. Calico cats go by a variety of names across the world. In the Netherlands, they are known as "lapjeskat," which translates to "patched cat," and "mi-ke," which translates to "triple fur."

6. Calico cats are considered lucky charms and indicators of good fortune across the world because of their scarcity. People also think that adopting a calico cat brings good fortune to the family. Another interesting note is that they are occasionally described as "money cats" in the US. In Japan, calico cats were officially recognised as a sign of good fortune in the 1870s (Maneki-Neko).

7. Because of this, calicos are daring creatures. A Japanese railway station was rescued by a calico cat. The Kinokawa train station was on the verge of being shut down in 2007 owing to budgetary constraints. When everything else failed, the town dispatched a calico cat to serve as station master, greeting travellers as they arrived and departing. A 17 percent increase in station traffic was attributed to the calico cat's star status. The good fortune of the calico cat is, in fact, real.

8. Considering how rare calico cats are, they've spread all over the world. ' In Europe and North Africa, calico cats were found to be migrating. While Egypt is where they were first discovered, they were also found in France, Italy and Spain.

9. To breed a calico cat, you must wait for a genetic variation to occur. This is why they are so rare and regarded as a good luck charm because of the randomness of it all.

10. Although it's a hoax, many people believe that calico cats can remove warts. Warts can be cured by rubbing them on a calico cat's tail in May. If this is true, we're confident that cats don't like it!

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