6 Reasons cats like to sit on your lap

6 Reasons why Cats like sitting on our laps.

Cats have a reputation for being distant from their owners, but when they do sit on our laps, it melts our hearts. 

You might be curious as to the cats' motivations when they "choose" you for particular cuddling. Your cat may like to sit on your lap because you provide them several benefits, including protection, security, comfort, and attention.

Cuddly cats adore laps and inevitably, it is because they will be getting what they need at that instant. It may also be an indication that you have become their favourite person, or that they have bonded on you.

Sitting on your lap is a great way for your cat to relax and unwind: here are 6 reasons your furball loves too.

1. It's a safe haven with a good vantage point to see the surrounding area.

Your lap is a secure and familiar place for your cat. When they're around you, they know they can unwind and doze off. At the same time, they have an excellent vantage position from which to observe the world around them.

If your cat jumps up on your lap, it means they trust you and value your company.

2. Familiarity and closeness

Your lap is a cosy place for a cat to sleep. Temperatures in the 38-39 degree Celsius range are ideal for cats. In the 30 – 36C range, they are thermoneutral, which means no energy is used warming or cooling them. It's a good idea to put them on your lap to remain warm and conserve energy.

Cats prefer to lay in the sun, on top of laptops, or near radiators, but your lap is a far more comfortable option.

Keeping your cat warm while spending time with you is a win-win situation.

3. Showing a Sense of Gratitude

Sitting next to you is a strategy to demonstrate their devotion and garner your adoration. Sitting on your lap is a direct method for cats to communicate their want to be close to their owners. You and your cat will benefit from spending time together in this way.

Sitting on your lap can be interpreted as a method for them to relax and show you how much they love your presence.

4. A Means Of Becoming Socially Engaged

Sitting on people's laps isn't something all cats like, but for some, it serves as a kind of socialisation. Cats who prefer curling up on their owners' laps are excellent service animals. There is a chance that your cat is trying to become involved. As long as everyone is gathered around the television or resting in front of the computer, they feel like a part of the family.

The act of sitting on your lap might be your cat's way of asking for more attention. They may not spend much time sitting on you if your cat prefers to be alone. You'll see them more often if they enjoy being the centre of attention. Cats have a wide range of interests, and they express these in a variety of ways.

5. To Feel Your Presence

You might be able to get your cat to rest on your lap to make up for the lack of time they've had with you. Reassurance and love are needed by certain cats more than others. It is an indication of your cat's trust in you if it sits on your lap.

It may not always be visible, but your cat enjoys being with you and feels comfortable around you.

6. To Identify Their Location

As a last option, your cat may be letting everyone else know that you're theirs.

It is common knowledge that cats are very possessive of their territory and will go to great lengths to ensure that any other cats passing through the region are aware of what is rightfully theirs.

Pheromones are being transferred to you when they sit on you, so your body has their scent. It's likely that your cat is sitting on you to communicate with the rest of the family that your lap is theirs, especially if you have other animals in the house.


Why My Cat Doesn't Want to Sit on My Lap?

There is nothing wrong with your cat not wanting to snuggle up to you on your lap. It's impossible to generalise about cats since each one is unique. Many cats prefer not to curl up on someone's lap because they don't feel safe with that much contact (or choose to only do it for a very short period of time).

Instead of sitting on your lap, your cat may have opted to sit on someone else's because that person was the last to feed them, was dressed more comfortably, was seated in an ideal location, or it was just where your cat wanted to sit at the time.

Don't get too worked up over it. The fact that your cat doesn't want to sit on your lap right now doesn't indicate that it won't in the future.

Is it possible to get my cat to sit on my lap?

Petting, cat snacks, and attention can be used to help your cat associate sitting on or near you with a pleasurable experience when it does so.

They may ultimately feel secure enough to crawl onto your lap for a cuddle if they have had favourable encounters with you sitting close.

If you pick up your cat and try to sit with them, they will swiftly walk away from you since they might not like it. If anything, your cat will be less inclined to join you in your chair in the future.


To put it simply, we all realised that cats wouldn't sit on our arms or laps unless they were getting something in return. For cats, our laps are warm, cosy and provide a safe place from which they can watch their surroundings. Sitting on your lap can be a means for cats to show affection and be near to you, but the major reasons for cats to do so are protection and warmth.

Do not be offended if your loved one prefers to snuggle with someone else.

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